Wine ClutchesWhite Cheetah
Wine ClutchesLeopard
Wine ClutchesRed Croc
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Wine ClutchesGold Cork
Wine ClutchesCopper Brown Croc
Wine ClutchesBlack Croc
Wine ClutchesSilver Cork
Wine Clutches Sassy Stripe

Wine Clutches

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The Perfect Wine Bottle Clutch for Women Who Love Sharing Delicious Wine Whenever There’s a Party! 

If you and your friends love wine, you want an easy way to share it when you’re heading to a party, enjoying a day at the park, sharing in a picnic, or kicking back by the beach. That’s why we created the Primeware Wine Clutch, a premium-quality tote bag with thermal insulated interior that helps retain perfectly chilled temperatures, so you can enjoy rich, bold, fresh flavors wherever you go.